Next Generation AI Powered Contact Center

A communications platform that has all the capabilities and APIs required to deploy a custom cloud contact center - one that fits all needs and can be easily integrated with existing business infrastructure.

Automate, control, and improve customer interactions over the phone

Phone connectivity, speech recognition, natural language understanding, speech synthesis, an All In One solution

Extract contextually relevant articles and answers from your knowledge base

No more frustrating phone trees. Use AI to train new interactions in days, not months

A diagram showing end to end integration of the open source Intuitive Stack with backend systems

Intuitive Stack

AI-powered speech recognition

Handle contextual, back-and-forth conversations with interactive machine learning instead of hand-crafting rules. Understand your customer's intent and extract entities with state of the art NLU. Don't lose customers who are tired of long waiting times to speak to an operator.

Intuitive Platform

Customers get answers quickly and around the clock

Customers get answers quickly and around the clock. Deliver effective natural language interactions over many channels - phone calls, web chat, mobile messaging

A diagram showing APIs and user interface from Intuitive Platform connecting to the open source Stack

A screenshot of an example conversation between a lead generation AI assistant and insurance customer

Customer Stories

Our AI assistant led to a 30% online resolution
of call enquries in Kwick Funnels clientele

Kwick Funnels, the World's best Drag-And-Drop Funnel Builder, sought to reduce the costs incurred through services and support by human agents while improving customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Using Intuitive’s unique contextual dialogue AI, the company established a system of end-to-end automation which successfully integrated contextual conversations into complete business flow and execute the task.